Why us?

Why us?

Why choose lucasian labs as your

your technological ally?

Time and cost savings

Our strategy is to provide quality services based on our experience of continuous operation for 19 years at a reasonable and competitive cost. Experience has taught us to know what works and what doesn’t, which helps us to do things right the first time.

Speed in alignment

We understand that our clients’ management is not always the same, that is why we are flexible and adapt quickly to different work models: agile, traditional and hybrid.

Decrease in spending

We design, propose and build technologically modern applications that mitigate the consequent costs of the required updates, in order to avoid early obsolescence and reduce costs for the client.

Maximum transparency and trust

In the management of our projects we use Atlassian’s Jira tool with a rigorous activity log that allows the client to validate the work reported and executed in real time.

Rigorously selected and evaluated personnel

We have mature processes of selection, hiring and training of personnel in order to participate effectively in the different life cycles of software construction.

Separation of work according to discipline

We have qualified personnel according to the type of discipline for the construction of software, we do not believe that a single role can raise requirements, develop them, test them and manage the project. We specialize each role in a discipline (management, architecture, requirements, development, QA) and we focus on the development of a project, we consider that it is not correct for a role to perform in more than one project, one person, in one project, in the same workday.