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We Make The Needs Of The Client And The Organization, A Single Purpose.

IT Factory

We manage development teams, with methodologies, tools and processes defined in the quality management system to produce high-quality software solutions.


IT Talent

We provide Talent focused on supporting and managing the development of your Software projects.


IT Support

It allows operating platforms, attending and resolving problems and incidents, as well as attending requests for systems in production.


IT Assistance

Technological support for the healthy operational stability of its platforms.


We are a software company that provides solutions

We provide services for the creation, maintenance and improvement of software platforms in medium and large companies.


We offer on-premise, cloud-native, and hybrid digital transformation solutions deployed in web cores and mobile apps that consume microservices.


We develop, integrate and maintain software platforms.


UX strategies for web portal redesign and application modernization to increase the potential of your technology solutions.


Your digital transformation projects with competent and specialized IT talent to achieve your goals.

Technological solutions

We provide software and IT Solutions

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Civil servants

"Finding business partners instead of suppliers is increasingly becoming a titanic task. With Lucasian we have achieved this relationship of business partners for more than three decades, where the value delivered at all times has been in line with the needs of the business not only from its commitment and high technological standard, but as a leverage of the business figures and constant advisor in the search for the greatest benefits for both parties."

Luis Alberto Fernandez

Vice President of Operations and Technologies - ACH Colombia

"LUCASIAN for more than 17 years has been a strategic partner in innovation initiatives for different products and services, with unconditional support for continuous improvement of solutions and application of best practices in software development internally and for our customers."

Luis Alberto Leguizamon Delgado

Senior Manager of Special Projects - Redeban

"LUCASIAN has been a suitable and reliable technological ally, which for two decades has supported Banco de Bogotá with middle-tier support specialists, offering value-added services and adequately addressing issues of good software architecture practices and specialized configurations to improve the performance of several business-critical applications."

Oscar Bernal

Vice President of Technology - Banco de Bogotá

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