Who we are

Who we are

Origin of the company name

Lucasian is a name originating from the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics, which has been held at Cambridge University in England since 1663. The name originates from Henry Lucas, an MP who donated part of his inheritance to buy land that would allow an income of 100 pounds to support the chair.

Lucasian professor of mathematics, the most famous academic title on the entire planet, this is partly because the most outstanding and influential minds in science and technology from around the world have held this position, among others, Sr. Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Charles Babbage and Paul Dirac among other prominent figures in the history of science.

Our company

Lucasian Labs S.A.S.

We are a company that provides services for the creation, maintenance and enhancement of software platforms in medium and large companies, applying result-oriented methods, using reliable technology and keeping our human talent committed, which allows us to accumulate enough achievements to become a trusted digital ally; we do this with corporate social responsibility.

Our achievements

Oracle WebLogic Award - 2009

Increased installation of servers in the Andean region.

Ingenio Award for the best software project in Healthcare - 2017.

We developed a project in alliance with MinTic and the national health institute with which the statistical system of cancer in the country works today.

AWS Partner Select - 2022

After a challenging process to achieve trained and certified personnel, as well as experience with clients, we reached the Select level of the AWS Partner Network, this alliance allowed us to have solid competencies for the management of large projects with AWS cloud solutions.

Excellence in services provided - 2022

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota awarded us a recognition for having obtained a 100/100 in the evaluation of the services provided to the entity.

Ongoing relationship with our customers

Multiple clients with more than 10 years of continuous relationship.

Our history

19 years growing hand in hand with our collaborators, customers and suppliers.

Lucasian Labs

It was founded in October 2003 with private Colombian capital. It has three offices in Colombia, a project development office in the city of Cali, a consulting services office in Bogotá D.C. and a software factory in Pereira. To date, we have completed more than 40 projects around the Java Enterprise Edition platform and SOA Architecture, reusing industry best practices in software engineering, applied to the real business world. Our intellectual capital grows with the successful experience of our clients’ mission-critical projects and is fed back with new trends in the industry and the continuous exchange of knowledge with our clients on their projects.

Achievement orientation
Autonomous Management
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