IT Talent

We provide specialized resources to support and manage your software projects.

Strengthen the human capacities of the IT teams of the organizations with competent personnel evaluated by experts in Software construction.

We offer personnel technically evaluated by experienced and knowledgeable experts for the required function.
Rigorous Selection, Training and Recruitment Processes.

Service Coverage

Requirements Engineer

Specify the expectations of the desired software, mitigate the risk of failure.

Software Architect

Structuring what and how the interaction of the technological components of the desired software will be, favors its digital life.

Development Engineer

Professionalizing the implementation of the desired software is a guarantee of productivity.

Quality Engineer

Early verification and validation that software meets expectations minimizes rework costs.

Software Project Manager

The timely and efficient management of a project’s resources makes its success feasible.

How to manage your software project with our IT Talent service?

Determine the need, and the scope you expect to address with the IT Talent service.

Define the profiles and assignments required to execute your backlog.

Request the right IT Talent for your project.

After 15 days Lucasian submits a proposal of services for approval or required adjustments.

Formalization of the contract to enjoy the pleasant experience provided by our IT Talent service and the service is deployed.

What does our service consist of?

Strong emphasis on the training and use of cybersecurity techniques. Code work vision and safe environments.

Staff technically evaluated by experienced and knowledgeable experts for the required IT function.
Rigorous training and/or hiring processes.

Supervision and technological support included for when the resource has technical problems and requires a “call to a friend”.

Retention program to avoid turnover and loss of knowledge of resources.

Pre- and in-service training (without affecting your ability), including customer-specific needs*.

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