IT Assistance

The Friend To Call For Help

Technology support for the healthy operational stability of its JVM, Spring boot, AWS, Kubernetes and Docker platforms.

Our service allows you to count on specialized technical support for the solution of incidents and requests in order to keep your systems stable.

Contracting modalities
IT support


We provide equipment for the diagnosis and solution of a particularproblem .

Upon request

A definition of scope is made , a plan and a cost for that objective is agreed upon andformalized with an SDO.

continuous use

We provide specialized personnel for a constant platform support service with 100% or 50% of time.

Scope of service

Diagnosis of


Proposed solutions.

Architectural decision support.

PoC (Proof of Concept) and
transfer of knowledge

Optimization and Consulting

JVM, Spring boot, AWS, Kubernetes and Docker

Installation and configuration of environments.

Steps to contract the service

Define profiles required or to be required upon request.

Approval of service order proposal generation.

Formalization of contract.

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